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Lasting Recovery

I help people let go of obsessing about food, exercise, and body size and develop a life that feels free and joyful. I work with people of all genders and ages with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, exercise addiction, purging disorder, and orthorexia. Many people I work with are not sure they want to recover; that's okay, I understand, and I'm here to work with you, wherever you are on your journey. Others are sure they want to recover but just don't know how. My belief is that recovery is hard and can feel slow, but once you get traction, it happens fast. I'm here to help you get traction.

Cherry Blossoms


There is Hope

I love working with individuals who have had long-term eating disorders. Some of these people have been told they were "chronic" by other providers or have experienced several rounds of treatment. Trust me, I know you have tried to recover. You have not failed. It is my belief the research and treatment worlds have not caught up to the nuances of treating longer-term eating disorders. My stance is that longer-term eating disorders require a respect and a care and a somewhat different approach to treatment. I would like to respectfully help empower you to create the life you seek.

Budding Tree


Finding You

I have experience (and I enjoy!) working with young adults with a variety of issues and strengths. Many are navigating mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and/or addiction for the first time; some are traversing the muddy waters of relationship challenges; some are exploring their personal values and beliefs and discovering who they really are. Sometimes, the challenges can feel  all-consuming. I would like to help you get some space from your thoughts and feelings so that you feel more like yourself again. Then, we can cultivate a connection to a part of yourself that will set you up to be able to develop a life that you're excited to live. It's exciting work that can have tremendous pay offs for the rest of your life.

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